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Infertility is not being able to get pregnant (conceive) after one year of marriage. It may be because of male or female factors. Let us see how to get pregnant fast. This article will help those trying for IVF in Marthandam and also Infertility treatment in Trivandrum.

What increases the risk of infertility in women?

Common reasons for infertility in Trivandrum and Nagercoil is increase in age, ovulation disorders, fibroids, and PCOD endometriosis. Of these, the most important is Age. With increase in age, the ovarian reserves decrease also decreasing the chances of pregnancy. If you are above 35 years of age and not able to get pregnant after 6 months of marriage, it is very important to consult a fertility specialist in Marthandam immediately.

What causes infertility in Women?

The most common cause of infertility in women is ovulation problems which can be caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Other common reasons which can be corrected by surgery are

• Blocked fallopian tubes

• Physical problems with the uterus

• Uterine fibroids

What causes infertility in men?

Infertility in increasing in Marthandam and Trivandrum due to modern issues. Men may have low sperm production, abnormal sperm function, any blockage in genital tract due to congenital or acquired diseases. Cigarette Smoking, Drinking alcohol, poor diet, being overweight, sexual infections like chlamydia and gonorrhoea, Erectile dysfunction, chronic illnesses like diabetes, injuries, chronic health conditions, hot temperature exposure due to workplace hazards also contribute.

Will too much worrying and stress cause Infertility?

Being depressed or stressed definitely affects fertility. So don’t worry unnecessarily. Every problem has a solution. As does Infertility Treatment too. Worrying only worsens things. Get in touch with your IVF doctor in Marthandam for consultation. 

What is IUI?

Sperm is collected from the husband’s semen. It is then washed and concentrated. After processing, sperms are placed directly in your uterus around the time your ovary releases one or more eggs to be fertilized.

The sperms then swim into the fallopian tube and fertilize the egg, resulting in pregnancy. 

What are some of the specific treatments for male infertility?

Gheeth IVF offers the following treatment for male infertility

  • Treatment Of Male Medical & Sexual Problems
  • Semen Analysis Studies
  • Sperm Freezing
  • Doppler Ultrasound For Varicocele
  • TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction)
  • PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration)
  • Sperm Cryo Preservation
  • Surgery for varicocele

What is IVF?

IVF – In vitro fertilization is a procedure. IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. It works by using a medicines and minor surgery to help sperm fertilize an egg, and help the fertilized egg implant in your uterus.

First, you take medication that makes your eggs mature and ready for fertilization. Then Dr.Vinodhini Pradeep takes the eggs out of your body. The embryologist then mixes them with sperm in a lab, to help the sperm fertilize the eggs. Then Dr.Vinodhini puts the fertilized embryos directly into your uterus. Pregnancy happens when the embryos implant in the lining of your uterus.

IVF has many steps, and it takes several months to complete the whole process. It sometimes works on the first try, but many people need more than 1 round of IVF to get pregnant. There’s no 100% guarantee. Gheeth IVF has a success percentage of 80% which is quite high.

What happens during your first visit to Gheeth IVf?

Our Reception staff will first gather general information about your health, medical history. Then, Dr.Vinodhini will do physical examinations and a Ultrasound scan. If any lab tests are required, blood will be collected for the same. Once the reports are ready, Further diagnosis or treatment is recommended. At Gheeth IVF we do not do any unnecessary lab tests.

What lab tests are done for infertility?

Tests performed to diagnose infertility are:

• Semen analysis for husband to know the sperm count and quality

• A blood test to check for hormonal levels

• Optional procedures like Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to check the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes is done only for few patients who have complicated problems.

Laparoscopy is also done to diagnose endometriosis, pelvic adhesions, fibroid tumors and tubal disease. This will be done on a separate visit if needed only. 99% of patients do not require any surgical procedures.

What are the factors that increase or decrease IVF success rate?

Success rates depend on many factors. Age is also an important factor. The husband’s sperm quality and number of sperms also is very important.

Which is the best Infertility hospital ?

Gheeth IVF is the best IVF hospital in Marthandam and Trivandrum region providing leading edge-care by integrating innovative technology treatment options. Our IVF laboratory has several incubators, microscopes and micromanipulation stations for oocyte injection, embryo biopsy and assisted hatching.

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