Test tube baby Marthandam

Test Tube Baby is just common name for IVF.

Our Doctor first checks for ovarian reserve and does blood tests. An Ultrasound Scan is done to look at the woman\’s ovaries and uterus. Counselling for both the future parents is given and all doubts clarified.

 1) Stimulation 

Fertility medicines are given as injections to the woman. She will be under regular care and further Scan will be done to monitor her.

2) Egg Retrieval

A needle will be inserted and an egg from mother will be taken out.

3) Insemination

Sperm from the father is mixed with the egg. The sperms will unite with the eggs forming a baby embryo.

4) Culture

The baby embryo will be monitored by the embryologist.

5) Embryo Transfer

Five days later, the baby embryo will be kept inside uterus with a catheter. This completes the process of test tube baby. The baby will then continue to develop in mother\’s uterus just like any other normal baby.

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