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For many, the reason for infertility is a puzzle. Many dream of having a baby. So, if you reside in Marthandam or Trivandrum and experience any of the following conditions, you must visit an Infertility Hospital for a fertility evaluation immediately. Likewise, by addressing these concerns, you can take proactive steps towards understanding the underlying causes of infertility. You can also explore suitable treatment options.

First, you must undergo lab tests for infertility. While it is generally advisable to wait for a year before consulting a doctor, it is important not to delay, especially for individuals in the Marthandam and Trivandrum regions. We want to emphasize the availability of infertility specialists and fertility services in Marthandam, ensuring that you have access to the necessary expertise and support on your fertility journey.

Finding out the reason for infertility

If you reside in Marthandam or Trivandrum and experience any of the following conditions, seeking a fertility evaluation promptly is recommended:

  • For one thing, irregular periods, shorter than 25 days or with bleeding in between periods, may indicate an underlying issue.
  • Moreover, infrequent periods or absence of periods should not be overlooked as they may point towards fertility challenges.
  • Known or suspected uterine, tubal, peritoneal disease, or endometriosis should be taken into consideration as well. These conditions can significantly impact fertility and require a thorough evaluation.
  • Additionally, male infertility should not be disregarded, as it plays a crucial role in the journey towards parenthood.
  • Likewise, sexual problems may contribute to difficulties in conceiving.

What to do for recurrent abortions?

In cases of recurrent pregnancy loss, By seeking a fertility evaluation in Marthandam or Trivandrum, you can access expert care from infertility specialists and state-of-the-art fertility services.

Donor IVF

For women requiring donor sperm to achieve pregnancy, a fertility evaluation is essential. This evaluation includes a medical history review, physical examination, and laboratory tests, similar to any other infertility patient. In Marthandam, infertility specialists and fertility centers offer comprehensive evaluations and support for such individuals.

Male Infertility Evaluation

In the journey towards parenthood, it is crucial to evaluate both partners when the male partner is involved. This involves conducting a comprehensive assessment of the male partner’s reproductive and medical history, along with a semen analysis, at the beginning of the infertility evaluation. It is essential because male factors significantly contribute to infertility, making this evaluation integral to the diagnostic process. Rest assured, infertility specialists in Marthandam can guide couples through this process and provide the appropriate support needed.

Initiating diagnostic testing for infertility is a vital step in understanding the underlying causes and optimizing treatment options. If you are in Marthandam or Trivandrum and seeking the necessary expertise and support, you can contact Gheeth IVF Hospital at 9626893006. Don’t wait any longer to take the first step towards your parenthood journey. Remember, with timely action and the right support, your dream of having a baby can become a beautiful reality.

About The Author

The author, Dr. Dr Vinodhini Pradeep. is a Fertility Consultant at Care IVF. For an appointment with the doctor, call +91 96268 93006. Book a Consultation at Gheeth IVF.

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