Pregnant women’s Diet Chart




Pregnant women often eat raw mango or puli. During pregnancy, some women crave such foods. But, you must remember to eat right. You are eating for two people now and should be very careful. Also your taste preferences are conveyed to the baby via your placenta. So if you hate a particular food and avoid it during pregancy, your baby will also develop an aversion to the same food and will refuse to eat it.

Here is an example meal plan for an Pregnant Indian woman.

After waking up

  • One tumbler milk or coffee.
  • A small handful of Dry fruits like badam and raisins give good protein and iron.


  • Seasonal fruits to provide multivitamins and to prevent constipation.
  • Choice 1 : 2 Dosa or 4 Idlies with sambar containing lots of vegetables. Don\’t leave out the healthy veggies.
  • Choice 2 : 3 Idiappams or 3Appam with a vegetable kurma or Vegetable Stew.
  • Eggs are must. Omelette or boiled or Scramble. Have it your favourite way.

Morning Snacks

  • Any freshly prepared soup. Pregnant women should avoid ready made soups as they contain lots of salt and additives.
  • Vegetable salad prepared with carrot, cucumber and other veggies. Sprinkle salt, pepper and lime juice for added taste.
  • Avoid biscuits.


  • Choice 1 : Small quantity of Rice with lots of vegetables and Chicken or fish.
  • Home cooked Chicken is always fine. Avoid restaurant food.
  • Choice 2 : 2-3 Chapathis with paruppu, vegetable and curd.
  • Keerai is again a healthy must.
  • Cheese, paneer can be switched for curd. These provide calcium if you are a vegetarian.
  • Curd rice is a healthy choice.

Evening Snack

Any one

  • Home made Sandwich
  • Fruit juice or fresh fruits cut platter
  • Roasted kadalai or sprouted beans.
  • Dates or dry fruits
  • A cup of green tea
  • No vadai or fried snacks.


  • 2 Dosai or Roti with dal or chicken.
  • A glass of buttermilk or plain milk.


  • If you are diabetic, stay away from all sweets like sugar, honey, jaggery and karupatti.


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