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Get pregnant after Family Planning? Wondering this is possible? Yes, it is absolutely possible! There may be few who have had kids before. They might have undergone family planning surgery. Sometimes, because of death of a partner or divorce, they might want to conceive again. For such Couples, we are here to help.

Initially, let us consider Tubal Reversal Surgery. This procedure aims to reconnect cut fallopian tubes, providing an opportunity for natural conception. However, success isn’t guaranteed. The remaining tubes after family planning need to be at least 5 cm, and the absence of infections or scar tissue is crucial. Unfortunately, the success rate for this surgery is quite low.

On the other hand, there’s In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). IVF has higher success rates, especially for couples over 35. It helps when there’s trouble with the uterus or fewer eggs. If there are concerns about the husband’s sperm, IVF is a more reliable choice.

Choosing between Tubal Reversal Surgery and IVF depends on factors like health conditions and personal preferences. If you have doubts or questions, reach out to us on WhatsApp. We’re here to provide the info you need to make an informed decision and guide you through achieving pregnancy after Family Planning.

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Dr Vinodhini Pradeep is Director of Gheeth IVF Hospital, Kaliakkavilai. 

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