Tips to Increase Sperm Count


Are you suffering from male infertility? It is often not symptomatic. You may not even know you have low sperm count. In this situation, you need to visit Gheeth IVFBest IVF centre in order to get treatment. Our Infertility Specialist will give some suggestions to improve your fertility and sperm count.

Tips for male infertility to increase Sperm Count.

Healthy Diet
A Balanced Diet full of proteins, fibers, and minerals is must. Eat green leafy vegetables(keerai), Dal (Paruppu) and fresh fruits. Avoid Parotta, maida products, deep fried foods. Try walnuts, chippi, garlic, and fish which are rich in zinc. You can also try dark chocolate in order to boost fertility and sperm count.

Stop Cigarettes

 Smoking causes serious sex health problems. In this case, you must quit smoking immediately.

Alcohol should also be limited for increasing sperm count.

Walk both in morning and evening for at least 30 minutes also visit the gym. But All workout should be supervised by trainer. Strenous exercise is harmful.
Reduce Stress
Stress and tension is responsible for hormonal changes which affect fertility and sperm count.
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