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IVF Success rate of any Infertility Centre is very important. Here are few key points to keep in mind regarding IVF success rates:

  1. Age: The age of the woman is one of the most important factors that affects IVF success rates. Women under 35 typically have higher success rates than older women.

  2. Previous pregnancies: Women who have had abortions or miscarriage in the past have poor success with normal  methods of treatment. They can instead opt for ICSI procedure.

  3. Infertility cause: The cause of infertility can also impact IVF success rates. For example, if the infertility is due to male factor, the success rates may be lower.

  4. Number of eggs retrieved: The number of eggs retrieved during IVF can impact success rates. Generally, the more eggs retrieved, the higher the chance of success. 

  5. Embryo quality: The quality of the embryos also plays a role in IVF success rates. Higher quality embryos have a better chance of implanting and leading to a successful pregnancy. Day 5 embryos have better chance of implantation.

  6. Number of embryos transferred: The number of embryos transferred can also impact success rates. Transferring more embryos may increase the chances of pregnancy. At Gheeth IVF, we usually transfer two high quality embryos.

  7. Lifestyle factors: Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, can negatively impact IVF success rates. Refrain from this before IVF.

  8. Clinic success rates: The success rates of the IVF clinic can also play a role in overall IVF success rates. It’s important to choose a reputable and experienced clinic. Gheeth IVF has success percentage of more than 80%.

  9. Repeat cycles: In some cases, repeat IVF cycles may be necessary to achieve a successful pregnancy. Success rates can increase with each cycle.

IVF success rates can be impacted by various factors, such as age, previous pregnancies, infertility cause, number of eggs retrieved, embryo quality, number of embryos transferred, lifestyle factors, clinic success rates, and repeat cycles. By understanding these factors, you can be more prepared to ensure you get pregnant with IVF.

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The author, Dr. Dr Vinodhini Pradeep. is a Fertility Consultant at Care IVF. For an appointment with the doctor, call +91 96268 93006. Book a Consultation at Gheeth IVF.

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