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Coping after a failed IVF transfer

A negative Pregnancy result after so many days of waiting after embryo transfer hurts like mad. You will have lots of questions as to why you did not get pregnant. You will also think what are the next steps, when can I start again.

You might feel lost want support from your spouse, family, friends and doctor. It might take a long time to get over it.

Coping after the result

  • Allow yourself time to grieve. Its ok to feel sad. Don’t fight your emotions. If you feel depressed, talk to your family, friends and doctor.
  • Take care of yourself. Do something that you enjoy that will help you relax. This will make you stronger. Seeing friends, time out to yourself, writing diary, meditation are some things that might help you.
  • Talk to your husband about how you are feeling after the result. What you would like to do next? Use the time to connect and support each other. 
  • Spend time with those people who are supportive.
  • Ask questions. Get answers to all your questions so you can feel fully informed and able to make decisions about what next. Whether that be another round of IVF, or time out or planning other options.

What can we learn from this failure?

Remember that this isn’t about blaming yourself or the hospital. Both have done all you can to help increase your chances of becoming a mother.

Do we need to take a break from treatment? 

  • Allow time to recover so you can be fully prepared emotionally and physically for your next cycle.
  • Talk with your doctor and work out what is right for you.

In case you need to talk to an Infertility Specialist about IVF Failure, call us on 9626893006

About The Author

The author, Dr. Dr Vinodhini Pradeep. is a Fertility Consultant at Care IVF. For an appointment with the doctor, call +91 96268 93006. Book a Consultation at Gheeth IVF.


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