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IUI stands for Intra Uterine Insemination.

Sperm from the father is processed and using a catheter placed inside your uterus at time of ovulation. Once the egg is fertilised, you will become pregnant.

Advantages of IUI
IUI can be carried out without using costly medicines. But chance of success is less. So 3-4 attempts might be needed.

Requirement for IUI

Your fallopian tubes must be healthy. The father must have healthy sperm and you should also have a mature egg to fertilise. If you have irregular ovulation, we can use medicines to correct that first before trying IUI.

Which is best? IUI or IVF?
Lab tests will help us decide which type of fertility treatment is best for you. Each patient is different. Your age and previous treatment also decides the treatment.

If your husband’s semen analysis reveals a sperm disorder. IVF might be the best option.

All treatment decisions will be made in consultation with you. Call 96268 93006 for clearing your doubts about IUI and to book an appointment with Dr.Vinodhini Pradeep


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