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Which is the Best IVF Centre in Marthandam

IVF Treatment

Searching for IVF Marthandam? IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilisation. It consists of procedures to help you to get pregnant with a baby. Gheeth IVF, Kaliakkavilai will help those trying for IVF treatment in Trivandrum and also is the trusted IVF hospital in Nagercoil.

What is IVF treatment?

In IVF centre in Trivandrum, eggs are collected from ovaries of the mother and fertilized by sperm from the father in Gheeth IVF lab. Then the embryo baby is transferred to the mother’s uterus. One cycle of IVF takes three weeks. A baby conceived by IVF Procedure in Marthandam is not at all different from any other baby conceived naturally. Only difference is that the egg and sperm are fertilised in a lab instead of naturally. The sperms are only from the father in normal IVF Procedure.

What is Donor IVF treatment?

IVF is the most effective treatment for those who cannot get pregnant naturally. Sometimes only if the father’s sperm count is near zero, it will be impossible to use his sperm. In these cases, after full counselling and consent, anonymous donor sperm is used. These are only for special cases. Similarly if the mother’s egg quality is very poor, we will use donor eggs for IVF.

Who needs IVF?

IVF - In vitro fertilization is a treatment for infertility problems. Before trying IVF, other options like fertility injections can be tried to increase production of eggs. IUI Intrauterine Insemination is a procedure in which sperm from father are placed directly in the mother’s uterus. Success of IUI is less compared to IVF.

If the mother’s age is more than 40, IVF is suggested as first option. IVF is also suitable for those who have

    • Fallopian tube damage or blockage.
    • Ovulation problems
    • Endometriosis.
    • Uterine fibroids.
    • Previous tubal sterilization surgery.
    • Poor sperm count or motility
    • Unexplained infertility.
    • Genetic problems
    • Cancer

Success rate of IVF

Gheeth IVF has success rate of 80%. Get in touch with us to know more

What are the lab tests for IVF ?

Before beginning IVF we do the following lab tests for the mother.

  • Ovarian reserve testing.
  • FSH
  • Estrogen
  • AMH 
  • Ultrasound

These tests will help predict your success of IVF in Trivandrum.

Semen analysis will show the father’s sperm count and quality

In IVF Trivandrum, How many embryos will be transferred?

We usually transfer two high grade embryos. So you can also be blessed with twins sometimes!

What you can expect from IVF

IVF has many steps — ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, sperm retrieval, fertilization and embryo transfer. One cycle of IVF can take about two to three weeks. More than one cycle may be needed.

What is Ovulation induction?

The start of an IVF cycle begins by using injections to stimulate the mother’s ovaries to produce eggs.

After two weeks of ovarian stimulation, Ultrasound scan and Blood tests are done

Egg retrieval

Egg retrieval can be done in as a procedure with few hours observation.

  • During egg retrieval, you won’t feel any pain. There won’t be any surgery.
  • Under ultrasound scan guidance, a probe is inserted into your vagina and your eggs will be retrieved.
  • Mature eggs are taken to lab and incubated. Healthy eggs will be mixed with your husband’s sperm to create baby embryos.

Sperm retrieval

Your husband should provide semen sample at our hospital through masturbation. Sperm are separated from the semen fluid in the lab.

What is IVF ICSI

Fertilization is done using Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). In ICSI, a single healthy sperm is injected directly into each egg.

Embryo transfer

Baby Embryo transfer is done is done few months later. Again it is a minor procedure without any pain.

Dr.Vinodhini Pradeep will insert a thin catheter tube into your uterus and a syringe containing baby embryos are placed into your uterus.

If successful, the baby embryo will implant in the lining of your uterus within 10 days.

Can I do regular work after IVF in?

After the embryo transfer, you can resume your usual daily work. Avoid vigorous exercise.

How will you confirm Pregnancy after IVF

Pregnancy will be confirmed by Pregnancy card test or blood hCG.

In case you want to know more details like cost of IVF in Trivandrum, Whatsapp us for more details.

Cost Of IVF?

If you are trying for IVF treatment in Thiruvananthapuram, you might be shocked to find that the IVF cost runs into lakhs. Every IVF centre charges differently. Few will advertise as less as 35000 for IVF. But when you go them, they will add hospital bills, medicine cost and lab cost separately. So when the final bill arrives, you will definitely have paid more than 2 lakhs.

No Infertility Centre in Trivandrum will give 100% quarantee of success. So every cycle is chargeable for same amount. Many spend more than what can be afforded for test tube baby treatment. 

Is IVF costly?

Many women have very poor ovarian reserve as they come very late for treatment. The older you are, the more costly the treatment. IVF cost in marthandam also depends on the number of IVF cycle, the age of woman, the infertility issue and the infertility period. 

Our IVF Centre has affordable rates that Couples even travel from far off districts and even other States to get Infertility Treatment in Marthandam. If you are unable to conceive within one yar of marriage, get in touch with us by sending a Whatsapp to 9626893006.

Is Discount for IVF Treatment possible?

Few IVF Clinic and Infertility hospital advertise as 10% and even 50% discount. But they inflate their base charges and advertise like that. If you enquire total cost from admission to discharge, this becomes pretty evident.

Reasons for High Cost of IVF

Running an infertility Centre with an advanced IVF lab takes lots of resources. To ensure good success of IVF Treatment, an excellent team of doctors, embryologists, technicians, staff nurse and medical personal are necessary. Keeping such a dedicated team 24/7 has to be taken into account. Also the medical injections and equipment needed for treatment itself is very costly. Most of the medicines are imported from abroad and we cannot use low quality substandard medicines. Oocyte retrieval, freezing, Storing the embryos and Embryo Transfer are all highly challenging procedures which needs quality inspection and meticulous care by a team. 

Gheeth IVF runs almost on a no profit basis depending more on number of procedures done to break even. We adhere to our Director, Dr.Vinodhini Pradeep’s motto, “No woman should be denied the right of a baby just because it’s unaffordable.

Cost of Infertility Treatment

• Consultation charges for IVF treatment in Trivandrum itself is high. At Gheeth IVF doctor Consultation charges is only 500 Rs. If you want a free consultation, Whatsapp us at 9626893006 and we might offer a free consultation for those deserving it. 

• Lab test and Scan charges. We do not insist that you should do all the lab tests at our centre. You can do it at a reliable lab of your choice. Make sure the lab is accredited. Scan however is advised to be taken at Gheeth IVF.

• Male infertility : Sometimes when the male partner has problem like zero sperms, TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration procedure) This is an extra cost.

• Hysteroscopy Cost in Trivandrum : if there is a problem in fallopian tube, hysteroscopy or laparascopy is done to see for ostia patency. This diagnostic procedure adds to cost.

• Tube Reversal Cost in Trivandrum : Sometimes, women might have done family planning and for various reasons, might need another child. To conceive naturally surgery can be done. With tube reversal, success is less. Chance of ectopic pregnancy is also higher. You can directly try  ICSI Trivandrum Treatment at Gheeth IVF. 

Cost of donor IVF?

We try 99.9% to help in creating a baby with the mother and father’s own eggs and sperm. Sometime the problem might be so severe that we may have to go for donor IVF. Only after counselling and consent, we will discuss this option. Many centres do not offer Donor IVF. At Gheeth IVF, we provide genuine good quality Donor eggs and semen for those requiring it in case of no other option. Donor IVF is costlier as the donor cost is added to it.  This is additional cost and you can discuss the same with Dr.Vinodhini Pradeep at Gheeth IVF.

IUI Cost

Intrauterine insemination cost in Trivandrum is around 10000 elsewhere. At Gheeth IVF our IUI charges are only 4000 Rs. Remember IUI does not give as good results as IVF. Success rate with IUI is only 30% Also not everyone is suitable for IUI.

Remember if you opt for donor, cost will be more.

ICSI cost

In Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, single sperm from the father is injected into mother’s egg with needle in a lab outside uterus and is kept until fertilization. ICSI has the most success rate and at Gheeth IVF Marthandam, we follow only ICSI. ICSI is advanced treatment and as expected the charges are higher. ICSI treatment is Rs. 200,000 at other centres. However, at Gheeth IVF we offer ICSI treatment at only 150,000. If you follow our Instagram page, we conduct IVF camps where we give at lesser rates also.startedand 

Embryo Freezing Cost

Frozen embryo transfer has better chances of conceiving. Other IVF Centres charge additionally more than 1 lakh for this procedure whereas at Gheeth IVF Trivandrum, freezing the embryo is included in the ICSI Charges.

Frozen Embryo Transfer Cost

The frozen embryo is transferred into the uterus which is previously obtained from the IVF cycle. Infertility centres in Trivandrum charge upto 50000. We do it at special rate of 30000-45000 Only. Embryo Transfer payment is done after 2 months only. 

IVF Treatment Packages Factors

Type of Infertility Treatment Other IVF Centres Our Cost
Consultation 500 Free
Ultrasound (if needed) 2500 1500
Lab test (if needed) 2500 You can test at any lab of your wish even outside.
Treatment Option 1 IUI 10,000 4000
Treatment Option 2 IVF 200,000 150,000
Frozen Embryo transfer For IVF (2 months Later) 45,000 30,000
Total for IVF From admission to discharge 2,45,000 180,000
Many centres advertise as 75000 etc. But this doesn’t include Medicines, Injections, Lab test, Scan, Doctor fees, hospital charges. These are charged extra.
Our charges are all inclusive right from admission to discharge including doctor fees and hospital charges.
Zero cost EMI available for SBI/Axis/HDFC/Karur Vysya Bank cards. 2% EMI for other banks.

Advantages Of Gheeth IVF

Most affordable IVF treatment in Trivandrum. Best success rates. Trusted by patients and even doctors. Many medical doctors are our clients! We are located in Kaliakkavilai which is easily accessible from Trivandrum and Nagercoil. Our team of acclaimed doctor, Dr. Vinodhini along with entire team is committed to help you get pregnant fast.
For queries whatsapp us on 9626893006

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