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Best Fertility Hospital in Trivandrum

Best IVF Hospital in Trivandrum is Gheeth IVF located at Kaliakkavilai

Affordable IVF at Trivandrum offering top-quality services

Which is the Best IVF Clinic in Trivandrum?

Are you exploring options for fertility treatment? Look no further than the Best IVF Clinic in Trivandrum. At Gheeth IVF, Kaliakkavilai, we specialize in helping individuals and couples navigate the journey towards parenthood through advanced reproductive techniques. Established in 2020, Gheeth IVF has become a leading name in assisting numerous couples in realizing their dreams of parenthood. We are dedicated to providing top-notch infertility treatment and reproductive healthcare services in Trivandrum. Gheeth IVF location is just half an hour away from Trivandrum Airport at Kaliakkavilai.

Mission of Gheeth IVF Fertility Hospital in Trivandrum

At Gheeth IVF, our mission is to provide hope, support, and tailored care to individuals and couples facing infertility challenges. We recognize the emotional and physical obstacles associated with fertility issues, and we’re committed to assisting you on your path to parenthood.

What are the reasons for choosing Fertility Clinic Trivandrum ?

Low sperm count

Low sperm count

Low Sperm Count and abnormal morphology can be sorted by Fertility Clinic Trivandrum, Gheeth IVF

Fallopian tube blockage

Fallopian tube blockage

Tubal Infertility- Case of blockage or anomaly of the fallopian tubes can prevent sperm from traveling to the egg. This can be treated.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal disorder which can impede ovulation or causes abortions.

Menstrual Cycles

Irregular Periods

Leads to compromised quality of the egg and infrequent ovulation.



Uterine tissue grows outside the uterus. It causes adhesions and scarring.

Services offered at Gheeth IVF

We provide comprehensive  treatment and procedures to tackle diverse fertility problems. Our experienced team of fertility specialists, embryologists, nurses, and support staff led by the visionary Dr. Vinodhini Pradeep Best Gynecologist in Marthandam. Below is an outline of the available treatments and procedures:

  1. Fertility Evaluation: We kickstart your journey with a thorough physical examination, and lab tests. This evaluation aids in pinpointing the underlying causes of infertility.

  2. IVF is a highly effective technology wherein eggs and sperm are united in a lab to form embryos. These embryos are subsequently transferred to the uterus, resulting in your pregnancy.

  3. ICSI represents a specialized IVF technique whereby a single sperm is directly injected into an egg. It is beneficial in cases of male infertility or past IVF failure.

  4. IUI entails the placement of sperm directly into the uterus. It is commonly employed in unexplained infertility and is less invasive.

  5. Fertility Surgeries: laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to rectify structural irregularities, eliminate obstructions, and address issues that may cause infertility.

  6. Donor IVF: For couples encountering challenges with egg or sperm quality, our donor egg and sperm programs offer the prospect of achieving pregnancy using healthy, meticulously screened donor gametes.

Is IVF costly?

Generally IVF is considered very costly in Trivandrum. However at Gheeth IVF, we are able to offer packages with excellent success rates

Is Discount for IVF Treatment possible?

Few misleading advertisements offering discounts on IVF treatment are often posted by other IVF Centres. Here at Gheeth IVF, transparency is key. We maintain honesty in pricing, with no hidden fees or inflated costs. Our focus is on providing exceptional care through a dedicated team.

Cost of Infertility Treatment at Trivandrum

• At Gheeth IVF, which is the best IVF Hospital in Trivandrum, Consultation fees is only 350 Rs. If you need a free consultation, click the Whatsapp button below now and we will offer a free consultation just for you.

• Lab and Scan fees. We do not insist that you must do all of the lab tests at our centre. You can do it at a reliable lab of your choice. Ultrasound Scan is suggested to be taken at Gheeth IVF.

• Male infertility : Cost for Sperm test is only 350 Rs.

IVF Centre in Trivandrum charge Patients pay more than 2 lakhs for a single IVF cycle.  Many times, that price does not include the necessary fertility drugs and testing, which can add up to significant additional costs per cycle. With Gheeth IVF, you might probably only need 1 cycle as our results are good.

Gheeth IVF Treatment Package

Type of Infertility TreatmentInfertility Treatment CostOur Treatment Cost
First Consultation₹ 500Free
Ultrasound (if needed)₹ 2500₹ 1500
Lab test (if needed)₹ 2500You can test at any lab of your wish even outside
Treatment Option 1 IUI₹ 10,000₹ 4000
Treatment Option 2 IVF₹ 2,00,000₹ 1,50,000
Frozen Embryo transfer For IVF (2 months Later)₹ 45,000₹ 30,000
Total for IVF From admission to discharge₹ 2,45,000₹ 1,80,000

Many centres advertise as 75000 etc. But this doesn’t include Medicines, Injections, Lab test, Scan, Doctor fees, hospital charges. These are charged extra.

Our charges are all inclusive right from admission to discharge including doctor fees and hospital charges.

Zero cost EMI available for SBI/Axis/HDFC/Karur Vysya Bank cards. 2% EMI for other banks.

So what are you waiting for? Just click the whatsapp button to book free appointment at the Best IVF Hospital in Trivandrum.

Why should you choose Gheeth IVF?

Acclaimed IVF Experts

Award winning Infertility Specialist

High Success Rate

85% Success Rate

Affordable Treatment
Affordable Treatment
ivf treatment at best cost
Transparent Pricing

Success rate for Best IVF Hospital in Trivandrum

A track record of IVF success

From January 2022, our success rate after transferring a single thawed embryo in women under 35, using their own eggs was 85%

Experience. Care. Innovation.


Years of Experience

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Experience. Care. Innovation.


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Reviews of Gheeth IVF : Best IVF Hospital in Trivandrum

Dr. Vinodhini Pradeep at Gheeth Hospital is an exceptional fertility specialist. She helped my husband and me achieve our dream of having a baby through IVF, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Her expertise and care throughout the process were top-notch

Sreekandan k Krishnan

Gheeth Hospital’s IVF department is a top-notch facility, and Dr. Vinodhini Pradeep is an amazing doctor. She helped us navigate the complex process of IVF and made it feel less daunting. Her expertise, coupled with the warm and friendly staff, made the experience an overall success. Highly recommended

Archana M

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and skilled IVF Doctor, Dr. Vinodhini Pradeep at Gheeth Hospital is the one to choose. She took the time to understand our concerns and worked with us to create a personalized treatment plan that resulted in a successful pregnancy. Thank you, Dr. Vinodhini Pradeep!

Jeevan Mahadeven

best infertility center

Best IVF Hospital In Trivandrum

Frequent Questions

Gheeth IVF practises ICSI in which, a medical team removes eggs from a woman’s ovaries, and then fertilizes the eggs with sperm in a lab. The fertilized embryo is given a few days to grow & then implanted into the mother’s uterus. The process generally takes upto six weeks. One day of admission is needed for egg pickup and 2 days for embryo transfer.

If you are aged less than 30, you can go for natural methods of conception. However with increasing age, your fertility drastically reduces. So if you are older, IVF offers best hope for your pregnancy.

We are situated at Kaliakkavilai which is just half an hour from Trivandrum Airport accessible via New Fourlane bypass. Click here for google map location of Gheeth IVF

Even though our new lab is only a year old, we are blessed to have good results of more than 90% with our first two batches. This is only because of a dedicated team that strives for perfection always. The higher pregnancy rates we achieve using traditional fertility enhancing treatments such as IVF and ICSI are the testimonials of our strict adherence to the international processes and protocols.


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